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Over 15 years of writing and editing experience

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From Sarah, President and Owner of TIA Communications:

I was inspired and encouraged by my best friend to form TIA Communications during the pandemic, doing something I had done unofficially for years, which is rewriting resumes. I wanted to name my company something meaningful. Ultimately, I decided to name it after what I consider to be my best advice. I try to live by the guideline to "turn it around." What does this mean? When I'm in a difficult situation or a bad mood, I try to turn it around to look at the bright side or consider other possibilities. The visual that I liken this to is pivoting the squares of a Rubik's cube rather than flipping a switch or turning over a piece of paper, for example. This is because "turning it around" is often more complicated than a simple flip and requires a little more contemplation to change how one views a given situation.

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